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TMEAD- Tuberculosis Monitoring Encouragement Adherence Drive is an intervention developed by SenseDose Technologies that aims at improving adherence to Revised National Tuberculosis Control Progamme (RNTCP).

Smart Reminders

TMEAD leverages the power of physical alarm based and digital notification based reminders to make sure patients never forget.

No Dosage Confusion

All the medicines as prescribed are pre-sorted and pre-filled. So the major problem of confusion,under dosage or over dosage is eliminated.

Daily Regimen Monitoring

TMEAD application provides the functionality to track medical adherence patterns over selected period.

View Your History

You can view your history at any time by tapping on the adherence calendar in the app. Which shows the medicine intake and the adherence percentage.

Prioritized attention

With the help of TMEAD application health care providers can provide differentiated care.

Patient analytics

The data helps us to identify and report defaulters early, which enables quick action by health care providers.

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